Time goes by. Roddy Tree Ranch stays the same.

The following comments are from Innkeeper, Gretchen, about Roddy Tree Ranch, a collection of cottages & vacation rentals in the Texas Hill Country. Here she gives a little history of how the inn got its name and our deeply rooted feelings about the Guadalupe River area.

For me the Hill Country has always been a family tradition. Starting in the 1930's, my grandparents, Allie and Rhea Roddy, and my mother, Helen, spent summers, holidays, and weekends here. As I was growing up, my own family came here for summer and every chance we got. Rhea and Allie had a place down the road everybody called the Roddy Tree where we welcomed family and friends. Today in honor of two wonderful people who first introduced us to a tradition of hospitality and love for the Texas Hill Country, my parents and Keith and I continue this love affair at Roddy Tree Ranch.
- Gretchen Gambrell Asbury

Gretchen & Keith

Jake the Soundboard Guy

Cody working on his college fund
at the popcorn machine

Mom & Dad

Alive & Well at RTR!

Just can't get enough Halloween!

Roddy Tree

Roddy Tree Ranch

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