Church Retreats at Roddy Tree Ranch

"Dear Roddy Tree, Thank you for this very nice place to stay for our church retreat. This Is about the 10th time I have been here...I think of this place as a little peace(sic) of heaven in Texas!"
Colin, 13 years old, University United Methodist Church, Austin

"Thank you for giving us such a great deal on folks staying at the Ranch. We have had many Christian Retreats in Texas over the years and Roddy Tree Ranch is always one of the first ones to fill up…we sure appreciate your hospitality."
Ray White United Church of God, Planner

... I have been deployed in Iraq but finally got the chance to come to our church retreat at Roddy Tree for the first I know what all the talk is about, you have a beautiful place and I will be back.
Captain Donald, U.S. Air Force Oak Hill Church, San Antonio

As a former Director of Child and Family ministries, part of my job was to set up Texas Church Group Retreats for families with children, and I know how much work it takes to plan a church or any kind of Religious Retreat. I am here to help you in any way that I can to make sure you have a personalized and positive experience at your unique retreat here at Roddy Tree Ranch in the Texas Hill Country.

When you are planning a church retreat, there can be many roadblocks in your way. Usually retreat centers book up way in advance, especially in the summer, and many venues have specific rules and parameters that can be frustrating and even costly. Setting your date is the first step. Families of all kinds; young and old, get very busy during the year with conflicting schedules, especially these days, and it is hard for them to carve out space in their schedules to go on a spiritual retreat at a specific time or place. This may seem counterintuitive as it is this hectic lifestyle that makes it so important to get away in the first place.

Hill Country Group & Church Retreats are very special here at Roddy Tree Ranch, and we have hosted many over the years. Logistically, the Ranch offers a rustic Hill Country Getaway outdoor campground setting close to several major cities, with 16 Hill Country Cabins - Cottages of different sizes and configurations , comfy beds and many amenities; an affordable church retreat without the bunkhouse and crummy mattresses. Financially, we offer a standard 20% discount to all church groups, and depending on the length of the stay, we may offer more. We will also work with you on different payment options to make sure your church retreat unfolds as smoothly as possible.  Spiritually, there are many places around Roddy Tree Ranch to commune with nature and experience your own spiritual renewal, alone or with your group.  Just ask the many church groups that have come here over the years and continue to do so.

Planning is the key to a successful church retreat! We think you will find Roddy Tree Ranch to be a unique and memorable Hill Country Destination for your group retreat. We feel very fortunate to be able to share our many years of experience planning, coordinating, and hosting church retreats with you.

Sincerely Gretchen Gambrell Asbury

For more information on planning a Hill Country Church Retreat at Roddy Tree Ranch, just click here or call Gretchen and Keith at 830-3667-2871.


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