Restaurants near Roddy Tree Ranch

When you stay at Roddy Tree Ranch, you're close to some of the best restaurants in our part of Texas. In particular, Ingram has a number of great dining establishments you'll want to visit. If you need suggestions or recommendations, just ask. We're happy to help.

Billy Gene's Restaurant

Located in Kerrville, Texas, Billy Gene's Restaurant serves excellent American and Tex-Mex fare and features fantastic views of the Guadalupe River from it's covered patio. This family-owned and operated is pet friendly. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Rails A Cafe At the Depot

Rails A Cafe At the Depot serves classic American dishes at a fully-restored 1915 Kerrville Train depot. They have a variety of steak and seafood meals, as well as homemade soups and deserts. Located in Kerrville, Texas, Rails A Cafe At the Depot is open for lunch and dinner.

1101 Bistro

1101 Bistro is an up-scale restaurant located on right on the Guadalupe River in Kerrville, Texas. They feature an eclectic selection of American, French, and Italian dishes. They also have an extensive wine list for you to choose from. Open for lunch and dinner.

Crider's Rodeo and Dancehall

If you want a real taste of the area, you will want to check out Crider's Rodeo & Dancehall. It is the longest running rodeo in the State of Texas, started by Mr. & Mrs. Crider back in the 1920s. It opens in mid-May and runs every Saturday night through mid-September. There is a live country/rock band afterwards and plenty of food to eat. They also serve food on Friday nights.
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